Subscision for Scars

This simple procedure performed under local anesthesia is a powerful tool able to improve deeply depressed scars resulting from acne or any scar resulting from trauma or surgery that is depressed below the skin level. Many of these scars are depressed because of loss of skin thickness or tethering of the scar to deeper tissue. Subcision improves scar contour by removing the tether to deeper tissues, as well as creating new scar to replace lost tissue volume. This procedure can be performed on numerous acne scars of the face in one visit.

The Subcision Procedure

During a subcision procedure, the scarred areas are marked and then numbed with local anesthesia. A special blade is used to create a pocket beneath each scar that releases any tethering and creates new scar tissue below the depressed scar. The resultant action during the healing process is to elevate the depressed scar. It is not uncommon to see an improvement of each scar with a single subcision treatment. Multiple treatments are typically required but can result in dramatic improvement.

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