Narrow Band UVB

Narrow–Band UVB is a common form of phototherapy used to treat skin disorders. Narrow–band UVB works by releasing a small range of ultraviolet light through an apparatus onto the skin. This precisely dosed UV light normalizes the overactive immune cells in the skin. It is most commonly used for psoriasis and eczema, but we additionally use NBUVB to treat mycosis fungoides (CTCL), vitiligo, lichen planus and generalized itch. Each treatment is short, usually less than 5 minutes, and patients often see reduction in signs and symptoms after several weeks. These treatments are painless, have not been shown to cause skin cancer, and have minimal potential side effects. Narrow band UVB is an excellent choice for patients who do not wish to apply topical creams, are worried about potential medication side effects and are looking for a natural approach.

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