Acne Scar Removal

Even for those with perfect control of their acne, scars serve as a continued reminder of the problem.  This prevents individuals from truly moving on with their life and building a healthy self-image.

To help patients address the hyperpigmented lesions and rough skin texture associated with scarring, Juniper Dermatology providers can utilize a variety of treatments and technologies that, in some cases, can completely remove the visible reminders of previous breakouts. We achieve this by combining expertise with compassionate care; giving each patient the individualized attention they deserve and creating customized treatment plans that reflect your unique needs.

Peels for Acne Scar Treatment

One way that Juniper Dermatology providers help patients achieve brighter skin and smoother skin texture is through the use of chemical peels. For example, many patients benefit from glycolic acid acne treatments. Glycolic acid treatments are typically a better choice for individuals struggling with mild to moderate acne scars. The acid is gentle enough to avoid excessive peeling and flaking, but is strong enough to promote exfoliation. The exfoliating benefits lead to a faster removal of hyperpigmented skin lesions and can improve skin texture. Further, glycolic acid helps keep the pores clean, to reduce the appearance of blackheads.

When an individual has severe scarring that covers a large surface area of the skin, a TCA peel may be a more viable option. This procedure is a much stronger acne scar treatment and can result in skin peeling and crusting afterwards. In many cases, patients undergoing a TCA peel may need to take several days off work in order to allow the skin to heal. However, because the TCA peel is more aggressive, just one treatment can yield dramatic improvements in skin appearance (as opposed to multiple treatments with glycolic acid).

Microneedling for Acne Scars

For rolling acne scars and deep boxcar acne scarring, providers may suggest the use of microneedling treatments. The idea behind this procedure is to use tiny needles that make very small puncture wounds in the skin.

The process stimulates the body’s healing response, which in turn boosts production of collagen. Special serums can also be used during treatment, to deliver healthy ingredients deep into the skin via channels created by the tiny needles.

Laser Acne Scar Treatments

When a patient is struggling with severe scarring, laser acne scar treatments may be a viable choice. The idea behind laser treatments is to cause targeted micro damage to the skin, which will promote the removal of damaged cells and stimulate the growth of smooth, healthy skin. These treatments are often associated with longer recovery times; however, they also produce faster outcomes because laser procedures are a bit more aggressive.

If you do opt for a laser acne scar treatment, your Juniper Dermatology provider will discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you in detail, and will assist you with choosing the best treatment path that will not interfere with your regular routine.

Subcision and TCA Cross Technique

Some patients struggling with deep ice pick scars may be candidates for treatments with subcision or the TCA Cross Technique.

During subcision treatments, your Juniper Dermatology provider will use a very small needle to separate the bottom of the scar from the underlying tissue below the skin. The body will work to repair this micro damage by growing more healthy tissue and collagen, thus reducing the depth of the scar. Several treatments may be needed to achieve optimal outcomes, with each successive procedure stimulating more tissue growth, thus raising the scar.

The TCA Cross Technique relies on trichloroacetic acid to stimulate collagen production. However, unlike a TCA peel which is meant to resurface a larger treatment area, the Cross Technique is used for spot treatment. Small amounts of the acid are applied to the base of the scar, which causes micro damage and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. After several treatments, the acne scar will become shallower and less visible.

Starting Your Acne Scar Treatment

The first step toward reducing the appearance of your acne scars is to schedule an individualized consultation.

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