Skin Condition Melasma

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes symmetric brown or blue-grey patches on the face. The patches tend to occur over sun-exposed skin of the forehead, cheeks, nasal bridge, chin, and above the upper lip.  It can also be seen on other parts of the skin that get excessive sun exposure, including the forearms and neck.  

Melasma is most often caused by sun exposure but hormone changes, medications,  and skin care products can also play a role in triggering this disease. 

Sun protection is one of the most common treatments for melasma.  In some patients, sun protection with sunscreen and sun protective clothing is insufficient to clear their melasma. New topical and oral medications are now available to help more effectively treat melasma in conjunction with sun protection. Juniper Dermatology also offers cosmetic chemical peels and laser therapy as adjunctive treatment options in patients suffering with recalcitrant melasma. 

Please call for a consult for your melasma today to learn about the best treatment options available and individualized to your skin care needs. 

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