Skin Condition Cyst

Cysts are walled sacs of fluid under the skin. They are generally mobile (move under the skin with manipulation), nontender, and benign in nature.  Many grow very slowly if at all and may go unnoticed for years. Other cysts may increase in size and become cosmetically undesirable. This is very likely to happen when cysts are traumatized by being squeezed or bumped, which may cause them to rupture under the skin. Ruptured cysts can become infected and very painful, and even leak a foul-smelling material or pus. On rare occasions, certain skin cancers can mimic cysts and therefore growing or painful cysts should be brought to the attention of a trained dermatologist.  Please schedule a consultation at Juniper Dermatology if you have a cyst that is concerning, cosmetically bothersome, or irritated.  

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